Good to Meet You

I am Stefanie Jayne and I am a Newborn and Family Photographer serving Atlanta, Georgia.  My desire is to capture your family just as you are today.  I am happy to get a shot of you looking at the camera, but my favorite thing to do is to freeze those in between moments that you can savor forever.  You know those little things: the way your daughter twirls her hair and sucks her thumb; the way your son looks at the world with those mischeiveous, yet joy filled eyes of his; your newborn's tiny little features; the way your child fits into your arms right now; and all your kiddos perfect imperfections. I know it's not easy being in front of the camera, but just come as you are, and I'll help you tell your story.

We all have a story to tell.

About Stefanie Jayne Photography

More about Stefanie

I am a Jesus follower and sunset chaser. I believe that the creamer in the coffee is what really makes coffee good. I’m a loud-laugher. I love little details, but I also love looking at the big picture.  I often get an itch to travel, and do so as often as I can.

I have worked in both Adoption and Pediatric Hospice and am a (not-currently-practicing) Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I believe my work as a social worker, and other personal experiences have framed the way I see families through my lens.  I have seen so many stories of heartbreak, but I’ve also seen the power of hope and sharing one’s journey with others.   Somehow along the way, God allowed my self-care hobby of photography to morph into something I never envisioned: a business.  I feel so grateful and humbled that families continue to let me in their lives, allowing me to capture their moments of joy, as well as moments of heartbreak.

Although photography started as a hobby, I quickly began to realize that if I wanted families to invest in me as their photographer, they deserved for someone who invested in learning and refining her skills. I began taking photography workshops from some of the most respected and creative Newborn and Family Photographers throughout the country, and I plan to continue to grow in this art of photography.


Meet Jane:

She's my right hand woman when it comes to Newborn photography.  Setting up a newborn "studio" in your home requires a lot of loading and unloading, and she is the best. She helps me plan and prepare for your shoot, load the SUV up with props and goodies, unloads and sets up the studio in your home, comforts your newborn, focuses on your newborn's safety, breaks down the studio after the session to load it back up in the car, and even launders the blankets after your new additions have left little "presents".  Not only does she do ALL of that, but she also entertains my last minute ideas, and will happily whip up a new bonnet or outfit for your newborn's sessions.  Yeah, she's a super woman. And a keeper!

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